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The serie Q is a bi-amplified high acoustic box of high performance and high quality. It is strong and has a powerful digital signal processor that allows you to choose, with the same box, different configurations according to the situation. Thanks to led screen in the rear panel, it is easy to access, use and read.



Power rating of 1000W. It requires a class D amplifier for low frequencies to guarantee a high performance and a Class AB amplifier for high frequencies allowing a high level of sound pressure in a far away range.

Acoustic box:

It is made with high density moulded plastic, of strong structure and reinforced on the inside to support the force and pressure caused by the internal electro-acoustic components. It has top and back anchor points. It has hard handles at its sides and on top for an easy transportation and handling.


The Q line of SKP active loudspeakers has low and high frequency components of superior quality because of the materials specifically chosen to comply with all the procedures that the digital processor of internal signals offers and that can be set by the user.


High quality combo type connectors to accept signals from different types of devices, such as a quick set up with microphone inputs or with inputs for mobile devices and also for more complex set ups with level line inputs.


The Q series adds a powerful digital signal processor that let the user choose the most convenient way in which the system is going to be used. For example, in different types of presentations, the equalization

can be adjusted according to the room, or distances can be allowed between systems with the use of delays, among other functions.

Access and Control:

The pocessor´s control is completely available through a display that offers a clear reading of each function and an easy change of its values. Moreover, this can be controlled through the digital encoder.


The active loudspeaker has a mix output that combines, in the same output, the two channels and allow to interconnect it to another active speaker. In this way, the signals can be amplified in other room or

in another section of the hall.

Tecnical Specifications

Speaker Type: 2-way, Bi-amp powered speaker, Bass-reflex type

Frequency Response: (-10dB)  45Hz-20kHz

Coverage: 90º Horizontal / 60º Vertical

Low Frequency Driver: 15" 2” Voice Coil

High Frequency Compression Driver:  1” Throat / 1.44” Voice Coil

Crossover Frequency: 2.4kHz

Power Rating: 1000W

LF Power Rating: 700W

HF Power Rating: 300W

Max SPL: 127dB

Input Sensitivity Line: OdBu

Input Sensitivity Mic: -40dBu

Input Connectors:

CH 1: XLR/Input Combo Jack

CH 2: XLR/Input Combo Jack + 3.5mm Jack

Output Connector (link) XLR


Mode: Music/Live/Speech/DJ

Location: Normal/Monitor

3-band EQ: (+/-12dB)

Low Cut:  Off/80Hz/100Hz/120Hz/150Hz

Delay: Off/0.1-16.0ms

Lcd Dim: Off: Constant bright - On: it attenuates after 8 seconds without any operation

Bright: 0-10

Contrast: 0-10

Reset: It goes back to the original mode, music mode.

Power Supply: 110V-220V~60/50Hz

Consumption: 689W

Material: Rugged Molded Plastic

Color: Black

Handles: Top x 1 , Side x 2

Flying Hardware: Top x 2 , Back x 1

Pole Socket: Botton x 1 (35mm)

Dimension: (W x H x D)  18x28x16(in)

Weight: (net)  41.2lb

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